I am an

Artist, Writer, Developer, & Professor

@ the intersection of :

Film, Art & Spatial Computing .

I Write, Design & Code

@ the same time.

This is a new way of "writing",

a new way of writing

where working w/ technology becomes organic.

As digital tools open a new era of

spatial & responsive art & media;

spatial / responsive works create

new types of artistic expression

& whole new ways to articulate meaning.

These new methods

build on the strongest themes in

the history of art & storytelling.

Art & Technology evolve hand in hand

in their quest to make

experience & expression more & more vivid

When your audience feels this vividness of expression they become

a participant in co-creating meaning

& this meaning becomes Experience.

Other digital tools

like ai, ml, blockchain & web3

open up autenticated, experiential delivery methods for this new "living" media.

In Responsive Work,

the user engages in a feedback loop

& work feels Alive.

In Spatial Work,

things are less obvious so users have agancy

to discover as much or as little as they would like.